Some total pansy killjoys are now complaining that two Indian pilots put the lives of 166 passengers in danger when they ceded control of their plane to two flight attendants.

The incident happened on Tuesday morning from Bangkok to Delhi and started when the first officer of Air India flight AI 133 left the cockpit for a bathroom break. Following protocol, he had a flight attendant take his seat, as two people must be in the cockpit at all times. The supposed 'problem' came when the captain excused himself from the cockpit as well, and gave his seat to a different flight attendant. The captain then went to take a nap.


The Times of India reports that the captain "spent a few minutes teaching the two flight attendants how to operate the aircraft." On top of that, he put the plane in auto-pilot. See? Totally fine. I don't see what's the big deal.

The captain and first officer then enjoyed a reasonable 40-minute nap (in business class, jeez), before they had to be woken up. You see, one of the stewardesses unintentionally turned off the autopilot.

Some big baby whiners called the nap a "mockery of air safety" and are now saying the crew put 166 innocent lives in danger. They cried their big wah-wah tears so hard that the four people involved were suspended.

What a bunch of babies.

(Hat tip to Automatch!)

Photo Credit: AP