In Russia, Car Rent You!: Volga to Build Chrysler Models

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Russia's GAZ, former builder of The People's Tractors and current capitalist exploiter and purveyor of post-Communist Volgas, has obtained a license to produce Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Stratus models in an effort to "improve the technical level" of the company's cars (oh dear), according to an official. As part of the deal, the venerable industrial firm acquired all tooling used to build the current generation of those cars — currently the product of DaimlerChrysler's Sterling Heights plant — as well as a license to sell new models based on those Chrysler platforms. The company will also buy supplies of Chrysler's old workhorse 2.4-liter four-bangers that power those cars (as well as the PT Cruiser) from the DCX plant in Santillo, Mexico. [Thanks to Matt for the tip.]

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