Hello, it’s “Russian dashcam night” and tonight’s video features a Kia obeying the laws of traffic and being rewarded with getting t-boned by a giant armored personnel carrier.

A Kia was smushed by a giant military vehicle in Russia. What else is new? There’s not much information about what exactly happened outside the context of the clips, but we have two angles (via Carscoops), so there’s excellent coverage!

Now, there clearly was a police escort set to “clear” the intersection before what looks to be a BTR-80 personnel carrier comes barreling through the red light, but I’m going to defend the Kia driver because I feel obligated to as an American, and also because the pause between the police passing through and the giant fucking tank was a little too long for anyone to understand what was going on.


Anyway, military vehicles obviously always get the right-of-way, so I suppose we’ll all just have to treat every intersection as a four-way stop in Russia if you don’t want to die.

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