In Praise Of The Steadfast Chevy Suburban

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“It’s a tool, just like a 9/16th wrench or a wheel hammer,” Joshua Shaw, vintage IndyCar racer and restorer says of his 300,000-mile Chevy Suburban, an integral, reliable part of his work and life. A long-lasting ‘Burban is a piece of America, and it deserves a little praise.

This is a little film that eGarage and Valvoline put together on Joshua Shaw’s tow/push truck 2000s GMT800-code Suburban. I think they featured it because it has high mileage and they get to tie it in as a kind of oil ad, which is whatever, but they also talk about how he got a cool vintage spoiler on the back to help tow his trailer. And they get to go over how much he depends on this simple V8, body-on-frame vehicle.


I think a lot of America has similar stories.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


Mr. Malaise

Surely the recently-demised Ford Econoline should receive some love as well. These things routinely make it to ludicrously high mileages, get beat to hell, are dependable, and handle better than the Chevy Express IMO.