A Lamborghini Gallardo owner who posts on Luxury4Play had the misfortune this weekend of having his exotic car showered on. Except instead of praise, it was with the urine of a drunk and/or envious passerby.

This led to an amusing anti-Kentucky screed followed by an anti-guy-who-owns-Lamborghini-in-Kentucky flame war. To the forums!

It all started late at night on April 21st when Gallardo Centurion parked his car at a supposedly "5-Star" hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. The poster looked down to see his car being used as an expensive Italian Port-a-John.

Passing through Louisville, Kentucky tonight. Checked into what they call a "5-Star" hotel here. Tipped Valet $50 for letting me park my Gallardo in a well lit spot right outside the front door.

Went to dinner and got back to the room about Midnight. Looked out the window (not having a clue that I would even see my car from there) and saw some dude with his girlfriend standing by the car. Then I saw a stream of piss come flying up all over the clear bonnet, spoiler, etc, then he ran off pulling his pants up.

Stay classy Kentucky... Continue to be the armpit of America for another 100 years. Lol. 10 years ago I would've ran down 5 flights of stairs, chased him down and ruined his life. Today, however I feel like its enough punishment that he has to live here and be one of the peeons(ironic) that makes it so easy for me to make money in this state (the only reason I still have a residence here). I almost vowed to never come back to this state and then it dawned on me that as long as they continue to be this ignorant I can run circles around all of them and make all of the money. True story.

Thank you to anyone who listened to my rant (now I can forget about it). I can guarantee that tomorrow afternoon when my wife and I are on our plane headed to our newest pad (possibly in the most tropical and chill location ever!), my new friend who pissed on my car will still be Kentucky white trash.


Speaking of bodily fluids, I can forgive the guy for wanting to release a little bile. Having your car pissed on for no reason (that we know of) is a crappy way to spend an evening. While most agree, some folks on Luxury4Play like sherdog19 didn't find the reaction quite so reasonable:

You own a gallardo in Kentucky?! meh...you deserve it. Anyhow, pee is sterile. Go whine about how this guy also takes your tax dollars to feed his family, too. Big deal. People will always be envious. Nothing new.


Ouch. And not fair. It's one thing to own a Gallardo in some poverty-stricken country, but Kentucky is… well... it's not Haiti. Here's the OP's response:

I apologize for anyone that I offended here and I wrote that angry at 2am. I am totally over it and I am not looking at this thread anymore, I just have 2 comments.

1. I'm shocked that anyone that would say that I "deserve" to have my car peed on because I live in Kentucky has no business being on any kind of luxury anything, including a forum. You are obviously just here to dream about luxury not to talk about living luxury so I don't expect you to understand.

2. I'm not sure where you typically valet your exotics, Ice350, but even in South Beach the Valets are pleased to watch your exotic for $50 and would most likely do it for nothing just for a chance to move it 50 feet, brag to their friends that there is a Lambo, Ferrari, Aston Martin, etc at their Hotel/Restaurant. I am very generous with $ especially gratuity. To think that the Valets were involved is ignorant.

Thanks for all comments and support. Like I said I won't be looking that this thread again.


There's a lesson here: If your Lamborghini gets pissed on, don't get pissed off online and not expect pissy forumites to respond.