Nissan has announced a new eco-driving function for its Japan-only CARWINGS navigation system that looks set to make low fuel consumption a competitive sport. Not only will vehicles equipped with the Eco-Drive and You service be able to display instantaneous and average economy figures and the exact amount of money saved by driving in an eco-friendly manner, but also they'll be able to compare data with other cars in real-time, awarding drivers a numerical rank within classes of vehicle and even medals for top performers. Eco-Drive and You is also capable of providing both visual and audio guidance to drivers on how to drive in a more economical manner. It's been estimated that drivers can experience up to 25% better mileage by driving in an eco-conscious manner. Nissan Japan's press release follows the jump. [Via Treehugger]


TOKYO (Feb. 4, 2008) — Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. announced today an additional new service for its popular CARWINGS navigation system. In line with the objectives of the Nissan Green Program 2010 to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions, they will be introducing a new service dubbed "Eco-Drive and You" (Anata mo eco-drive)*1 to promote "eco-driving" habits in Japan.

Since January 2007*2, Nissan CARWINGS members have been provided a range of services which have included fuel-efficiency rankings among owners of the same model and advice on efficient driving methods. The service has now been expanded to provide the same helpful content found online into the onboard navigation system of car owners. To add to driver convenience, the service will also offer voice audio guidance aside from the call-up display found in the dashboard. Car owners can now monitor their fuel consumption habits, experience better fuel-economy as well as enjoy helpful driving tips while on the road.
The service has three main components:

1. Eco-drive check (audio and video display)
* Average fuel consumption with the service*3
* Fuel-consumption trend
* Consumption history and comparison*4


2. Eco-drive ranking (audio and video display)
* Average fuel consumption history
* Ranking among CARWINGS members with the same model.*5
* Fuel expense savings yearly display*6

3. Driving Advice (audio guidance)
* Various topics for the driver which also include tips on better fuel efficiency.


With its aim to reduce harmful greenhouse emissions, Nissan will continue to introduce more eco-friendly products and services under its Nissan Green Program 2010.Current programs include the ITS Project*7, a joint effort with the Kanagawa prefectural government to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce accidents through wireless cellular communication and probe signals, being piloted at Nissan's Technical Center in Atsugi.

*1 Service starts February 1st for Nissan vehicles equipped with the HDD CARWINGS navigation system and March 5th for the DVD system version.


*2 The service garnered numerous awards in 2007 for its Eco-Friendly and Energy Saving features from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transportation, Ministry of Economy, Trade and the Energy Conservation Center in Japan.

*3 Average fuel consumption calculated from data gathered from every eco-drive check performed and transmitted between the car owners' mobile phone and the central system.


*4 Previous two records are displayed to track fuel consumption trend.

*5 Drivers are ranked accordingly to their model group and are given gold, silver and bronze status with the upper 10% classified as platinum class.


*6 Average consumption based on accumulated CARWINGS members consumption data and referenced with data from the Oil Information Center, Institute of Energy Economics in Japan, updated once a month.

*7 Test launched 2006 in Kanagawa Prefecture