As far as I can tell, nobody likes being blinded by the high-beams of the car behind you. I mean, sure, I bet on the internet you can find some weird fetish group that does, but still. This must be a big deal in China, since they have both harsh punishments for this and now even stickers designed to reflect high-beam light and turn it into scare-rays.


The way those scare-rays are produced from headlight photons is by using these stickers for your rear window that reflect the high-beams back and display terrifying things, like that creepy TV-girl from The Ring or a bunch of creepy girl faces or a big-ass wolf or some bloody goblin thing that’s driving you around, or even, improbably, a kitty.


I’m sure these work just spectacularly. You’re driving along at night, some dipshit gets right behind you with their brights on, and then you can just barely hear them scream “Aaaaaaaaggh! I think that’s some kind of zombie!” or maybe “Yeeeaagh! A small group of goth-girls!” or even “Whaaaaa– a giant-ass kitty!” right before they panic and drive into a ravine.

I really like the Google-translated description of these stickers, too:

After the beam profile personality car car stickers tyranny automotive high beam after file personalized car stickers devil perspective


Couldn’t have said it better myself. I encourage everyone to help fight the tyranny automotive high beam with these car stickers devil perspective. After, of course, you file personalized.

(thanks, Eddie!)