Recently, when auctioneers went to assess the estate of a deceased engineering firm owner, they found forgotten, dusty old cars in the garage including a Maserati Khamsin, Bentley Mulsanne Turbo R and a Jensen Interceptor III. The man had taste.

Though the deceased had taste, he didn't have much of an attention span. According to the mileage on some of the cars purchased new, and the keeper of the estate, he tended to buy a car, drive it around, and then move on to something else without selling it. As a result you get things like a Maserati Quattroporte with 960 miles and DeTomaso Longchamp GTSE with 439 miles. Since a lot of the cars have been sitting for decades they'll probably need a full going-over. Even better, since most are British, they'll need all-new rubber seals and gaskets and a refuel of Lucas electrical smoke. But, if you're so inclined, a great many are going for practically nothing. In fact, the total lot has an estimated high-end value of about $330,000. New, the two Bentley's cost more. Here's the complete list:

  • Jensen Interceptor III
    Mileage: 24,054
    Estimated value: $3,700-$6,000
  • Maserati Quattroporte III
    Mileage: 960 miles
    Estimated value: $10,500-$13,500
  • DeTomaso Deauville
    Mileage: 38,352
    Estimated value: $10,500-$15,000
  • DeTomaso Longchamp GTSE
    Mileage: 439
    Estimated value: $12,000-$18,000
  • Maserati Khamsin
    Mileage: 12,688
    Estimated value: $15,000-$22,500
  • Bentley Mulsanne Turbo R
    Mileage: 609
    Estimated value: $30,000-$37,500
  • 1934 Rolls Royce
    Mileage: 84,211
    Estimated value:$42,200-$48,300
  • 1924 Cadillac V63
    Mileage: 49,570
    Estimated value: $42,200-$48,300
  • Bentley Continental R Mulliner
    Mileage: 20,871
    Estimated value: $90,600-$120,500