Impossibly Perfect Rally Video Shows Difference Between AWD, FWD And RWD

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This is the most impossibly perfect comparison of how different rally cars behave around a corner I have ever seen. And I do mean impossible.

Rally cars do not race wheel-to-wheel. They’re spaced out on the starting line, delayed by a minute or two (or three, depending on conditions) so you pretty much never see them nose-to-tail.

But YouTube uploader rallyminutes managed to overlay his video of the cars at Rally America’s recent STPR in rural PA. It’s enough to let you see how each car and each driver attacks the same corner differently.


You can see how the high-power AWD cars cut along the same lines, how FWD cars follow a similar track, and how the lone BMW E30 at the end powerslides through the whole thing.

A comparison like this virtually could not happen. Wait, no, virtual is exactly how it’s possible.

(Hat tip to Steve again!)