Volkswagen has released a little teaser video before the Frankfurt Auto Show of a new concept in their I.D. electric car series, said to be a development of their previous I.D. Crozz concept. I think I figured out what this one is all about, though: it’s an electric version of the legendary Volkswagen Type 4.

How can I be sure? First, the world has been clamoring for a re-born Type 4, and everyone knows it. Second, this will be the fourth major I.D. concept, after the original I.D., the I.D. Buzz microbus concept, the I.D. Crozz SUV-thing, and now this. The fourth one.


Also, the fastback shape here is a clear reference to the VW 411 and 412 fastback sedans. Clearly.

Sure, to most people the Type 4 was an abject sales failure, the wrong car at the wrong time. But I have a pretty good feeling that VW has just been biding their time, waiting for the right moment to re-birth the legendary Type 4.

I’m excited.

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