I'm In Volvoland This Week, So What Should I Ask About Future Volvos?

Greetings from Gothenburg! I'm spending the next four days with lovely Volvo people, to drive their 450 hp 2.0 four-cylinder prototype, chase a robot moose, crash things, not drive their autonomous cars and mostly to talk about their future. So ask away!


We've done this before, and here's what we know so far. I highly recommend reading it before sending a question below. There are also a couple of things we're hoping to see from Volvo in said future. But let's go further this time. Their goal is to be big in the U.S. again, so your ideas are obviously very important for them.

There's also plenty of amazing developments going on, and let's not forget about China's Geely in the background either. Plus the sad fact that Volvo is the only Scandinavian car manufacturer we have now, except for the fortunate who have a couple of a million dollars to spend on a Koenigsegg.


Let me share with you a few things about Gothenburg too:

Volvo was founded in this medium-sized city in 1927 and remains the biggest employer by far. Scandinavia's biggest port is here, as well as the most extensive tram network with over 50 miles of tracks. And their vintage trams rock!


It's also Wagonland. Sure, there are hatchbacks, sedans and even SUVs, but it's the wagons that keep Sweden in motion. Many of them even have a trio of rally headlights for sub-zero coolness.


Since Scandinavian countries are about 20 years ahead of you no matter where you live outside of Scandinavia, I finally have some hope that wagons and common sense will end the crossover nonsense eventually. Amen.

Photo credit: blue_quartz and Mike Knell.

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