IKEA Concept Car A Bad Swedish Joke?

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An IKEA car sounds like a joke or marketing stunt, but the quirky Swedish furniture maker's got a website touting the just-moments-before-April 1st unveiling of the IKEA Leko Concept. Yeah, we get it.


We're introduced to the car by the car's supposed designer, Christophe Grozs, who extols the virtues of this new environmentally friendly concept car from IKEA. Our French is pretty rusty, but according to the introduction, the car is a modular design which can operate as a coupe or as a convertible, and has the full backing of the World Wildlife Fund France, whatever that means.

No further details are offered, and other information about the car is scarce, so we'll just have to sit back and make jokes about home assembly and poorly veneered fiberboard until we get the complete story at the end of the month. [Leko Website via VWVortex]


Der Sportwagoner

Obviously it's a joke or stunt. But I am amused at the notion of a clear plastic pouch the size of a bed pillow filled with all the screws, bolts, connectors, etc, to assemble an entire car...and a voiceless cartoon showing you how to do it step by step.