If You've Ever Wanted Six Ford Festivas For $900, Now's Your Chance

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This is either the best or worst deal of all time. I can’t quite decide, but I do know that there are six Ford Festivas listed on Craigslist for a mere $900 if you’re out near White Plains, Maryland and can’t get enough of the Festiva.

Even better news: you can actually drive in one of them!


That’s right, friends. You could have your very own 1993 Ford Festiva and five whole other cars hanging out just in case you need to make some repairs. As the listing states:

More parts then you can shake a stick at. LOADS of new parts.

I am inclined to agree. That’s a whole lot of parts.

If you’re only in the market for a functional Festiva, you can grab that one for a mere $500. If you just need a parts car, each of those is $100. But the seller is moving and can’t take them with him, so if you’re torn, you might need to act fast!


...Although, something tells me nine hundred bucks is a little pricey for what is essentially a single functional (mediocre) car and five other hunks of metal.


It does make you wonder how someone just… collects that many Festivas in so many different colors. Was this person a massive Festiva fan? Did they think they were making a good investment? But if you might be one of the people who needs six Festivas, let us know in the comments what’s sparking your desire.