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Image: General Motors

If you were a discerning Brazilian GM executive with a taste for waffles and french fries, there would only be one vacation spot on your list: Belgium. But if you were such a successful fellow, you’d certainly have an entourage to take with you. That’s where the Veraneio comes in.

Based on the Brazilian-market C10, the Veraneio was built with this body from 1964 all the way up until 1989 when a new version came on line. Developed in parallel with the Suburban for the American market, the Veraneio was only one of a number of trucks from American manufacturers built for the Brazilian market. Ford, too, would sell you a truck with American roots and a distinctly South American flare.

As for this particular one, the ad explains that it was brought to Brussels for a trade show, but as a demonstration rather than for local sales. Though a bit smaller than the US-market Suburban, the Veraneio would have towered over most European models.


This out-of-place Suburban imposter isn’t the only item of note above. There’s another special car in the photo. Something that fits in a lot better on low country streets. Can you spot it?