If You Want A Nice, Three-Owner 1995 BMW M3, You Can Get One For Only $58,585.85

Photo: BMW
Photo: BMW

Some people have accused used M3 prices of being unhinged from reality. Especially for the car’s first three generations, people are charging insane sums. Luckily, a seller in Beverly Hills is offering his clean E36 for only $58,585.85.

Photo: Craigslist
Photo: Craigslist

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Obviously getting a mass-produced, 24-year-old German sports sedan for only $20,000 more than its original MSRP is too good to be true. And to be sure, there are some caveats.


The car has just over 80,000 miles, so it’s not a delivery mile special. And if you want to go buy this second-gen M3 that’s older than the author of this article for the price of a new M2 Competition, say, tomorrow, you’re out of luck. The seller is only available to show the car on Sundays.

Multiple one-owner E36 M3s have been sold on BringATrailer for just over $30,000. Some weren’t even sold on Sundays. But none of them have provided the seller a pleasure I cannot explain in words” as this one has.

If that’s not important to you, Enthusiast Auto Group also has an E36 for sale for nearly $60,000. That one has 15,332 miles, but the listing does not note whether or not it is one of the best cars ever made. The seller of the car in Beverly Hills, on the other hand, is explicitly clear that it is one of the best cars ever made.

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Good thing he’s not in a hurry to sell.