If You Speed In A Loaner Car, Make Sure To Flick Off The Camera

You've probably heard the old adage: The fastest car in the world is a rental car. Well, someone took that standard and applied it to free dealership loaners, too.

Camelback Volkswagen Subaru Mazda, in Phoenix, Ariz. received a ticket in the mail with a picture of the car's rear tag, a snapshot of the car blowing a stoplight or something, and a very distinctive if somewhat grainy image of the driver flipping the bird at the traffic camera.


Honestly, how many among us haven't thought about doing the same thing to those hateful traffic cameras? I know they're supposedly there for our own good and all, but that doesn't keep them from sucking. So the driver of this car just did what everyone wants to do, and was either reasonably certain of impunity or just didn't care. And was the driver wearing a mask, or is that just a shadow covering his/her face?

If you're going to do something like this, you might as well do it in a car that isn't yours. I'm not sure if Camelback is required to report the offender, but someone on the dealership's Facebook page suggested that all the dealership has to do is say that they don't know who the driver is and that's the end of the story.

Sounds pretty good to me. (Hat tip to Greg!)

Photo credit: Facebook

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