If You Needed Any More Confirmation, Here’s the New Toyota Supra on the Cover of Car and Driver

Photo: Unnamed

We’ve received this image of an advance copy of the upcoming Car and Driver issue, and guess what? It has the best view yet of Toyota’s new Supra ahead of the planned launch tomorrow.

Because of the realities of printed media and the time it takes for a magazine to be laid out, printed, and shipped to newsstands, Toyota obviously had to have given C/D access to these images much earlier than the rest of the automotive world. Because magazines exist in a different universe, this is the February 2019 issue, so why not use an image of a car that has been teased unofficially a hundred times already.


You can see the full thing right here, tomorrow night, complete with all the details you can handle, as soon as the cover is officially pulled off of the car here in Detroit.

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