If You Don't Order Your Aston Martin Valkyrie in this Livery, You Don't Deserve it

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Image: Red Bull Racing

Aston Martin’s bantam-weight hybrid mid-engine Cosworth V12 KERS hybrid monster hypercar is finally here in production-ready form. The final version of the car was unveiled today at Silverstone ahead of the Formula One British Grand Prix, in conjunction with Aston Martin-sponsored Red Bull Racing. This is the first time the car has been seen running in public, and it’s pretty damn good.

150 of these totally rad race-inspired machines will be built for exclusive customers at $3.whatever million each. If you’re going to pay that much money to own something this flashy, you may as well paint it up to match the race cars, right? A proper Adrian Newey design deserves a bright flourish of racing team livery.


This new tasteful-ish tie-in between the Aston Martin road car and the Formula One car that inspired the whole project is a beautiful blue and red homage. How can anyone argue that this car would look better in monochromatic white or black or silver? Heck, it wouldn’t even look this good in Aston Martin Racing’s BRG-and-Neon livery.

I’m forced to conclude that if you don’t order your Valkyrie with crazy little bulls running down the side of it, you must be a coward. It doesn’t get cooler than this. If you’re paying millions of dollars for a car, it should definitely be a rolling billboard for a bunch of companies, right? Nothing says wealth quite like advertising Mobil 1, Red Bull, Tag Heuer, and Esso on your car.

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Red Bull? F that noise...i’ll wait for the Rich Energy livery.