If You Dig This Nissan Skyline's Lights Wait 'Til You See The NES Controller Key Fob

Gif: Steve Molans (YouTube)

I don’t always like high-tech whimsy, but when I do, it’s artistic and absurd like the lighting setup on this 1991 Nissan Skyline.

A person named Steve Molans is being credited with the uniquely majestic illumination system on this R32. Per the video description, Molans represents companies called Skeptik Innovations and Infinity Illuminations.

That description also tells us that this system was made possible in part by the BlueGHOZT module, which is a control device that can link a phone app with LEDs to execute light shows like what you’re seeing here. It’s sold by a company called Ghozt Lighting which, clearly, I need to start researching a little more.

Coming up into cars myself with a particularly strong love for tuners, going nuts over everything at NOPI shows and Hot Import Nights (“’90s kIDS wILL rEMEMBER!”), I was all about custom lighting when my driver’s license was freshly minted circa 2004.

Gif: Steve Molans (YouTube)

I was so proud of the blue footwell lighting and subwoofer lighting rig I had in my blue non-turbo RX-7, and the red grille lighting I had in my red Integra before that. Of course, LED lighting was much more primitive and less accessible in my early modding days so we had to make do with goofy, oversized lighting tubes.

Also I didn’t know jack about electronics or elegance, so I thought cramming a bunch of 12-volt light sticks into a cig lighter splitter was an acceptable “finished” solution. I wish I had pictures of my old setup, but then again, it was pretty shameful.

Anyway, we had fun so who cares about anything else. But it seems like that wild show car-style lighting had fallen out of fashion by around 2010. If this Skyline is any indication that the art is coming back into the tuner scene, as those of us who once loved these cars are starting to have more money to waste, I’m all about it.


The ’90s kid bait on this particular build gets even deeper on this car with the NES controller rewired to do lock, unlock, open-trunk, and start-engine functions.

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Screenshot: Steve Molans (YouTube)

You can see some more of this on Molan’s Instagram account. I hope I see more like it on the streets of LA soon. And Steve, if you see this, shoot me an e-mail because I’d love to get a closer look at this setup and see how it was made!

Hat tip to Alvin and the Radwood Facebook Group!

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If it was just the tail lights and only in red (aka street legal) I would be so on board. But when every part of the car flashes technicolors that’s just gross