If you didn’t already have a weird thing for police cars like I do, you will now. Alfa Romeo has revealed their 2017 Giulia Quadrifoglio for Italy’s Carabinieri police force—a 500 horsepower manual Alfa Romeo police car. Somebody fan me.

Unfortunately the force will not be made up entirely of sexy Italian sedans, with only two of the Quadrifoglios joining some 800 new vehicles Fiat Chrysler will delivering the force this year.

The two will mostly be assigned for rapid response and emergency deliveries (organs and stuff), and will only be driven by a lucky handful of Carabinieri after training at a (likely super fun) Alfa Romeo driving school.

That doesn’t mean my plan of flying to Italy and getting arrested in either Rome or Milan just to take a ride in one of these is out of the question. I’m just going to have to try extra hard.



Here’s hoping that deep blue makes its way to production someday. If anyone is watching, I’m free all summer and down to “get arrested” in this.

Via CarScoops