If You Buy A Truck From This Idaho Dealership You Also Get A Free Gun

It's a simple equation, really: Truck + gun = awesome. The Mountain Home Auto Ranch in Mountain Home, Idaho capitalized upon this uniquely American math to sell trucks this month with its fourth annual "Buy a Truck, Get a Gun" sale. Who needs 0 percent APR financing?

Unsurprisingly, people have jumped at the opportunity to upgrade their old beater and get a slick new piece in time for hunting season. Mountain Home's sales department staff told us that although they've given away $60,000 worth of guns this year alone, the promotion has been a really great way to boost truck sales.


If you do end up buying a truck and getting a gun, don't worry about some communist tribunal telling you which gun you're going to get with your truck. No sir, this is America, and you can choose whichever weapon strikes your fancy from Cabelas or a similar big box firearms outlet. If you buy a new truck from Mountain Home Auto Ranch, they'll give you up to $400 toward the purchase of a gun. If you decide that a pre-owned vehicle is more your cup of tea, you get $250.

Judging by the dealership's photo gallery of new truck/gun owners on Facebook, it looks like pickups, scope-mounted hunting rifles, and shotguns are in this year. But you can also buy pistols and small assault weapons with your truck-gun stipend.

That means that if you bought a Chevy Silverado and a .308 bolt action rifle last year, you can grab a Ford Explorer and a Walther PK380 pistol this year. Or if you're going for the home protection warrior look, a Jeep Wrangler and a 9mm semiautomatic carbine would be hot. (I looked on Cabela's website, and those are all within range of a new truck purchase stipend).

The sale lasts until the end of November, so if you live near Mountain Home, Idaho, you still have a few days left to get on it. Even if you're not from Idaho, it's wolf season there right now, so this gives you an opportunity to kill two or three birds with one stone, so to speak.


Photo credit: Facebook

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