If You Build It, Creepy CGI Steve McQueen Will Come And Steal Your Mustang

Sometimes, great ideas have unintended consequences, like when Theodore Roosevelt ended the Civil War but accidentally invented polio in the process. (That's what I learned in Texas public schools, anyway.)


In this ad from a few years back, we see a young farmer get a "Field of Dreams" style whisper in his ear: "If you build it, he will come." The voice doesn't say what it means by "build it," so the guy decides to build a racetrack in his backyard. Must be a Jalopnik reader.

Anyway, after spending endless hours toiling in his fields and lining up his 2005 Mustang GT at the starting grid, "he" appears. The ghost of freaking Steve McQueen, you guys.

With a determined, slightly annoyed look on his face, the "Bullitt" star saunters up to the Mustang, borrows the keys, fires up its 4.6-liter V8 engine, whips the car around the track... and never brings it back.

That's right. The farmer has just had his Mustang stolen by Steve McQueen's ghost. That's gotta suck. I mean, it would be an honor for McQueen to drive your car, but not returning it is just a dick move. I'm sure he's off to go hoon around San Francisco or possess people or whatever Ghost Steve McQueen does with his time.


Voice of C. Montgomery Burns

Cool ad, terrible car.