If This NASCAR Truck Fire Doesn't Become A Country Song, Music Has Failed Us

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Let’s see: there’s a pickup truck, NASCAR, and some genuine down-home sadness in Kentucky. Work something in about Jesus, Mama or gettin’ drunk in there and you’ve got a number one country hit. Eat it, Florida-Georgia Line!

A big black cloud hung over this weekend’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Kentucky Speedway as a truck turned into a blazing inferno in the parking lot. The truck had a grill that was probably used for tailgating strapped into its bed.


One man was inside the truck as it caught fire but was pulled to safety by first responders, reports Fox Sports. The man was not seriously injured in the blaze, however, the fire damaged two vehicles next to it and sent a big, nasty cloud of smoke into the track itself.


Sometimes you just have to marvel at the wonders of the world and revel in its poetic beauty. In other words, I couldn’t make better fodder for a country song if I tried. Someone, somewhere is very sad about a truck.

Mainstream country is too busy writing the same song over and over again to end up in prison nowadays, and trains are a tad passé, so the formula outlined in the David Allan Coe classic is a tad out of date. Still, you’ve got the big party atmosphere of a NASCAR weekend in Kentucky, trucks ‘n’ woe. Get on that, Nashville.