If Only Cars Could Talk: 1956 Thunderbird Down On The Baghdad Street

We've all seen the stash of confiscated classic cars in a Green Zone garage, but what automotive treasures survive on the Iraqi street? Take a look at what Iraq-based reader Mark Trail has found for us!


When we think of American vehicles in Baghdad, this is the sort of thing that comes to mind. Armored behemoths bristling with antennas and gun barrels, with maybe the occasional Suburban or Crown Victoria.

Yet this sporty Thunderbird— which, judging from the surface rust, appears to be the real thing and not a fiberglass reproduction— has managed to survive many decades of war, madness, and 130-degree temperatures.


Mr. Trail also has a few shots of the late and not-very-lamented Uday Hussein's fleet of exotics, which we'll check out at a later date. Here's what Mark has to say about the Thunderbird:

The owner is Iraqi, found it in an orchard, and plans to restore it. I wanted to buy it and get it back to the US, but he won't sell it.

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