If I Was On This Plane I'd Never Fly Again

This looks really terrifying, yet I cannot look away.

In a video uploaded yesterday, YouTuber Cargospotter brings us a look at an Airbus A380 touching down in Germany’s Düsseldorf airport. The crosswind was blowing hard that day, so hard it nearly blew the plane off course.


Luckily, the very skilled pilots were able to align it with the runaway again by using the tail rudder. If I were on that plane, someone would have needed to carry me out because I would have long since fainted.

Man, I hate flying.

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Copilot: “So all I have to do is put the starboard engines in reverse and the port engines at full power, and I can do donuts in an A380?”
Pilot: “Yes, that is correct.”
Copilot: “OK. This is definitely a good idea.”
Pilot: “Totally.”