If I Die Before I Wake, Send Me Off In This Maserati

Just don’t send me the bill, because I’m a big fan of getting the last laugh.

Things I’m not usually a big fan of are hearses. You probably aren’t, either. I can’t think of a time that I looked at a hearse and thought, “Wow, that’s a good hearse.” But this Maserati Ghibli—which is meant to be a flashy sedan for those among the living—it’s a good hearse.

This is one of three luxury hearses customized by Ellena srl Autotrasformazioni, an Italian company that provides fancy last rides for people. Both of its other models are from the Mercedes-Benz lineup, but the lines and flow of the Ghibli set it apart even from other wildly expensive sedans-turned-hearses. CarScoops has pictures of the real thing rather than just the rendering above, and it is beautiful.

The Maserati Ghibli of the living. Image via Maserati
The Maserati Ghibli of the living. Image via Maserati

In order to go from sedan to hearse, the car got an obvious extension of its roof and back end. The rear axle had to be pushed back on the hearse version of the Ghibli in order to hold the weight of a casket, and CarScoops reports that it moved back by about a meter. The hearse is a diesel casket wagon with a V6 engine under the hood, an automatic transmission and—from the looks of other models by the company—an interior fancier than the hearse of anyone’s dreams. (Please don’t dream about hearses.)

No matter how much it reminds me of my own mortality, I can honestly say that I can’t stop looking at this hearse. I’d probably offer myself up to drive the thing before being taken away in it, though, because you’ve got to live it up while you’re here.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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I would rather be cremated.

So a Ferrari hearse.