If Ferrari And Hennessey Dreamed Up The Ultimate Alfa Romeo 4C

It's fun to dream, especially when you come up with stuff that is completely unrealistic, untenable, impossible, and just too generally batshit crazy to make in real life. That's what Italy's Lazzarini Design did to the Alfa Romeo 4C — Ferrari power tuned by Hennessey Performance in that gorgeous little sports car.

Oh yeah. They went there. And it's so, so good.


If the Alfa Romeo 4C Definitiva existed in real life, it would have 738 horsepower and 532 pound-feet of torque from the old Ferrari F430's 4.3-liter V8. It would weigh a mere 2,100 pounds, and do zero to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds, not to mention the quarter mile in 9.5 seconds.

Why so much power from that V8, you ask? Because it would be tuned by Hennessey, of course! Duh. Dreams are wonderful things.

But Lazzarini claims it's much more than just a dream. They say they're looking for potential customers to commission the first few examples of the car, which could run as much as 260,000 Euro, or about $325,700.

Who knows if they'll pull it off or not, but for now, it's pretty great to think about — especially in that Martini livery.


Hat tip to Autoblog!

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