If Electric Cars Start 'Singing' To Compensate For Engine Noise I'm Out

I’m not sure what I’d do without cars. I’m not very interesting and don’t enjoy much other than watching (and making) things go vroom, so who knows what the future would hold if I pursued other things. But I tell you what, if electric cars start “singing” to make up for a lack of engine noise, I may head that way.


Because hybrid and electric cars are so quiet, unlike the dirty, evil gasoline engines of the world, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found that pedestrians and cyclists are more likely to be involved in crashes with them. But instead of blasting fake engine noise or something more normal out of its EVs to signal their arrival, Nissan decided to make them sing a weird, electronic tune you’d hear a spaceship make in a kids’ show from the ‘90s.

Here, have a listen to what Nissan calls “the sound of the future” that will soon “be heard from ... Nissan cars on streets around the world.” Oh, and it debuted on the all-electric IMx crossover. Save me:

If cars start boop, boop, boop, weeeeeeoooooooooo-ing at me as they go down the road, I may have to take up another hobby. Knitting may not be as glamorous or exciting as cars, motorcycles and track days, but at least I could stay inside of my house and never have to face this horrid noise on our futuristic streets again.

Maybe companies would even let me borrow fancy knitting utensils to review, too. (What are knitting utensils called?) Anyway, this sounds like a good plan.

Just kidding. You’re stuck with me for the long haul—even after these Nissans take the streets and weeeeeeeeooooooooo at us all day and night, and even after the driverless cars and robot motorcyclists help aid the robot uprising. So long as the internet exists, I’ll be here to write about the increasingly weird cars on the road.

Well, at least I hope so.


Takuro Spirit