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BMW bosses have already admitted a flagship project is in the works. Now, according to the UK's Autocar magazine, that project could be the Z6. Based on the 6-Series, natch, the new supercar — which had once been rumored to be dubbed "Z9" or "Z10" — will show off some of the weight-saving technologies the Bimmer boys have been concocting of late, including the use of magnesium and likely some sort of space-frame contraption. It could also have a turbocharged V8. Don't think Z8 replacement with this one, though; it's reportedly set to be a higher-volume model, and one that will serve as a technology leader for the rest of the company's cars. It'd also be the company's first supercar since the M1. Get excited. Note: The picture at right is from Autocar's first coverage, not the latest.

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