Police Arrest Hurricane Matthew Idiot Who Did Donuts In Front Of A Reporter

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I’m not saying I don’t understand the basic urges here. Empty, wet roads are seductively inviting to the donut-doer and power-slider within us all. But doing them during a hurricane-mandated curfew and in front of a news crew just isn’t smart. Now the guy that did them has been arrested.

The pilot of the spinning black GMC truck, 20-year-old Brandon Ware, was pulled over by Daytona Beach Police shortly after doing his infamous slides and donuts in front of the news crew, and was charged with reckless driving. He was released from jail after paying a $500 bond on Friday night.


I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say that doing this sort of thing on wet, empty roads isn’t fun – of course it is. But when there’s a hurricane looming, the last thing police and rescue workers need is to deal with some idiot who wrecked his truck while spinning around on wet pavement. They’re busy enough, and there’s a reason those streets were empty.

Pulling this shit in front of a recording news crew, that part is just stupid.

It’s all about context. And not being an idiot.