Idiot On Audi RS6 Test Drive Immediately Crashes It Into Tram

When you take any car on any sort of test drive, you try not to drive it like you’ve never pushed pedals before. Mostly because you’ll just look like a pissboy, but also because It Is Not Your Car. That rule especially applies to something like the Audi RS6, which it moves very quickly. Which means it also collides with objects very quickly.


The word “objects,” in this case, also includes a big Polish tram.

So remember, Jalopnik Pro Tip: If you are going to drive a car like an idiot, buy it first. And even then, drive it like an idiot on the track. Tracks are much better for that than public roads.

H/t to Robert!

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I’m still trying to understand what the driver of this RS6 was trying to do.