Idiot Drives Truck Onto Jetty During High Surf Advisory, Has To Be Helicoptered Out

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So, here’s a little tip for drivers of 4x4 pickups with lift kits and big tires: while your trucks are rugged and capable of traversing all sorts of terrain, they’re still land vehicles. Well, unless they’ve been really extensively modified. That’s why when there’s warnings about surf reaching 27 feet in height, It’s worth staying away from the water. Just like this guy didn’t.


I get the appeal of seeing tempests and roiling seas up close; it’s exciting. But driving onto a jetty when you can clearly see waves cresting up onto the road is just, well, stupid.

And sticking around, instead of turning around or backing up or getting the hell away is even stupider. Staying there, despite every possible indicator that it’s a Terrible Idea, to the point where a rescue helicopter has to fly in and you lose your truck, makes you the freely-elected Prime Minister Idiot of The Dumbasses Republic Of Stupidistan.

Less stupid but still funny is the way the text on the video describes this truck as a “Toyota.”

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Oh, yeah, I remember those little Toyota trucks! I loved how they said “NISSAN” on the tailgate. That was cool.

Anyway, don’t drive your trucks into the ocean, dumbasses.

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William Byrd

I want my tax dollars back from this one.

  • Flight time/fuel for one H-65 Dolphin helicopter
  • At least (3) USCG employees - pilot, winch guy, rescue swimmer
  • Whatever it cost to tow his truck off the jetty
  • Misc equipment and fees

Blatant stupidity should come with a price, he’s lucky it wasn’t more than a financial price! Why on earth did he keep going? That looked terrifying from my comfy desk, it had to be unreal from the drivers seat.