Idiot Discovers That Driving Into A Hillside Will Flip A BMW

Mullholland Highway in Los Angeles is a pretty spectacular road to drive — up in the hills you get all kinds of fun turns and switchbacks and good tarmac times. Of course, it’s also a public road, and not being an idiot is always a good plan. It’s not a plan that’s universally followed, like this hill-seeking BMW 328i driver here.

Now, we all make mistakes, sure, and I’m glad the driver is okay. I’m pretty good at assessing that the driver was okay, thanks to some pretty subtle clues given in the video and my incredible powers of observation.


So, with the idea in mind that we’ve all made mistakes and we’re pleased the driver isn’t hurt, I think we can call him an idiot now. This isn’t the worst turn on that road, but it’s tricky enough, and there’s way better places to learn the limits of your car’s grip and your own skill than on a public two-lane road.

The guy came into the corner too hot, started to oversteer, soiled himself, and in the process of either countersteering or just flailing at the wheel, managed to point the car right into that huge, rock-studded hillside.

Look at the wheels before he hits— he’s steering right at the hill. The car’s just going where it’s told, and then having some fun at the end by rolling over so its belly can be scratched.

Go an autocross, buddy. Have fun there. You can probably even use the same car, now that you don’t have to worry about the paint.


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