I'd Forgotten How Tiny the Bugatti EB110 Is

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I think what contributes most to contemporary supercars’ presence today is their sheer size. They’re not especially tall, but, man, are they long and freaking wide. You can especially see how they’ve grown when you see a ‘90s supercar like the Bugatti EB110 next to a regular car like the Audi A4.

While in Monaco, YouTuber Automotive Mike caught a ‘90s supercar convoy. The EB110, it seemed, was a crowd favorite. They were so rare to begin with, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person. Only 139 were ever made.


At one point in the video, an Audi A4 wagon gets the wave-by from the Bugatti driver, and you get to see the two side-by-side briefly. The Bugatti is wider from the rear, but its nose is much narrower than the Audi’s. It’s also not surprising when you consider cars are just getting bigger and bigger in general.

Of course, the EB110 was never street-legal here, so that’s probably why most Americans have never seen one before. You could bring them here under the Show and Display law, though. But, as some of the earlier models are now older than 25 years, maybe people will start importing them. And then I can stand next to one and see how truly petite it is.