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This is the carbon fiber passenger tub bonded to the tubular Chromalloy backbone chassis that underpins the Iconic AC Roadster. Also visible? The huge carbon and steel reinforcements that keep the 800 HP V8 engine from twisting this in half.


Here's details on some of the visible parts:

Skeletonized Roll Bar: protects occupants in the unlikely event of a rollover, increases chassis stiffness and incorporates full-color LED lighting for the brake lights and turn signals.


Wheels: The Iconic wheels use a proprietary 12-point titanium center cap that requires a special tool for removal, this design decreases the chances of the wheels flying off at high speeds.

Front Braces: The triangular "A" braces inboard from the front wheels connect the carbon passenger compartment to front chassis anchor points, providing a longitudinal conduit for loads. These are one of the main reasons the chassis is so strong.

Control Arms: The control arms are made from military aircraft-grade T7075 aluminum alloy. The hollow upper control arms also serve double duty as part of the hydraulic fluid lines for the front brakes.

Exhaust: 5 inches in diameter on the exterior, there's a smaller internal pipe surrounded by Aerogel insulation. That's right Aerogel, the lowest bulk density porous solid ever created.


[Photo via DeviantArt]

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