Icon Built The Perfect City Car In This Electric Fiat 600 Gardinetta

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Better known for up-fixing old off-roader Land Cruisers and Broncos, or for giving some extra muscle to some vintage soft cruisers, Icon has taken on a project that could be called a departure for the company. An existing customer of the company had this Fiat 600 kicking around, but was tired of it always breaking down and wanted to give it a little more usefulness as an around-town machine. Instead of the diminutive and noisy Italian engine, it’s not got about 100 horsepower worth of EV motor slung out back.

This is my personal favorite of Icon’s projects thus far, as this Fiat would fit my needs incredibly well. With a 120 mile range—Who needs more than that, honestly?—it would get me to and fro, across town and back, without any hesitation. And unlike any other EV on the market, it’s got style and class unparalleled. The giant sunroof and excellent use of space in the interior make me giddy.

The bit of this video that I found most interesting was the particular attention paid to fit and finish. Because the car is now powered by electric, all of the old creaks, rattles, and pings you would expect to hear in a classic car had to be eliminated. I would love for Mr. Ward to go a bit more in-depth with the steps taken here, but I’m sure there are small rubber and leather buffers between each and every metal component and piece of hardware to eliminate those sounds.


This is a very cool build, and I applaud their efforts to make it so.