I Would Like To Spend Eleventy Billion Dollars On Canepa’s 800 HP Porsche 959SC Restomod

Restomoded or “reimagined” Porsches with crazy performance are all the rage, as long as you’re willing to shell out ungodly amounts of money. So if you’re a very serious Porsche-driving person with boatloads of cash and a desire to out-do your buddy with a Singer, Canepa’s super limited and insanely fast 959SC is your ride.


In 1987, the turbocharged 959 had nearly no equals. With 444 horsepower sent to all four wheels with the unhinged Group B rally racing in mind, it was also extremely rare. Tuner Bruce Canepa was the first person to get the 959 compliant for the U.S. market, but just having Porsche’s legendary creation wasn’t quite good enough. Over the years Canepa made incremental improvements to the 959 increasing its performance, while still retaining the original character.

The culmination of all that work is the Canepa 959SC (SC meaning Sport Canepa) with a Generation III performance upgrade which brings the 959s already impressive output to a staggering 800 horsepower.

Beginning with a quality preowned 959, the car is completely stripped of every panel and system, down to the last component part. Once all items are removed and cataloged, the tub is then prepped extensively for its concours-level paint work. All of the painted suspension components are stripped and recoated using the latest powder coating techniques, giving the components extra longevity. Each and every part that originally was plated is stripped of its old coating and set out to receive a fresh zinc coating, restoring the lustrous metallic shine that they would have had from the factory.

The Canepa 959SC is limited to only 50 units. There’s no mention about the cost on the website, though something tells me the cost really doesn’t matter for target clientele of this car.


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