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I Will Never Get Tired Of Watching This Guy Make Realistic Car Sounds With His Mouth

I remember the first time I saw a YouTube video Daniel Jovanov making car sounds on Australia’s Got Talent. It was the wackiest, weirdest, coolest talent I’d seen on one of those talent shows—until a chicken played America the Beautiful on a keyboard last week. But Daniel still rocks. He is much cooler than I am.


If you couldn’t tell, I’m a big fan of strange talents on these shows. Just like I don’t know how two chicken owners managed to figure out their bird could play a tune, I will probably never know how this guy came to the conclusion that all of his practice would eventually lead to the ability to produce actual, realistic car sounds. After all, we are humans. We are not cars.

Weird talent is the kind of talent that I could watch all day, and throwing cool car sounds into the mix makes it even better. Just watch him:

The closest I can get to imitating a car sound with my mouth is Mazda’s Zoom Zoom. And with that realization, I’m going to zoom zoom my talentless self right on out of this blog.


H/t to CarScoops!

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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