I Want to Hate This Viral 'Green Screen Lambo' Music Video But I Just Can't

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The youths have done it again. They’ve taken things we consider holy and close to our heart—exotic cars, music, pizza, as examples—and lit a metaphorical match to all of it right in front of our eyes. This time, it was for a music video, and honestly, it might just be too impressive to hate.

The video shows a group of four young males in a suburban neighborhood rapping and dancing around a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster painted “green screen” green (or as Lamborghini would probably prefer, “Verde Scandal”). “Brand new whip got a green screen,” the lyrics in the beginning of the song say.

The song’s lyrics go on to showcase dozens of ways the group can use the car’s green screen abilities, and, well, their video editing skills, to make the Aventador’s exterior look like whatever they want. Everything from Halo, to pizza, to a laser light show. It’s so dumb, but it’s also just so fucking brilliant.

The nearly two-minute-long music video in question, for the song “Green Screen Lambo,” was uploaded on Twitter Tuesday evening by “@MaximumJamez.” At the time of this writing, it has more than 338,000 views on that platform alone. Yes, that likely means that hundreds of thousands of humans have subjected themselves to watching this video, for whatever reason. Though I can’t really blame them!


I don’t know. I can’t quite figure it out. I’m not sure what it is about this video that I find so disturbing and also entertaining. They’re just bouncing around an Aventador while shouting mindless words. Maybe I just can’t help myself because I too am a youth.

Internet users who’ve found the video also appear to have some mixed feelings about the clip.


“This song is trash...But nice car tho! How many tide pods you eat to think of these lyrics?” Facebook user Melissa Hedrick-Brim commented on the video (for technical reasons, emojis were removed from the quote).

“You guys literally just spewed hot fire on my feed oh mY GOSH,” Twitter user Amy Baber replied.


“What did I just watch lol,” Twitter user Air Force PJ replied.

Honestly, I have no fucking clue.