I Want This Jet-Powered Mountain Bike!

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This is a mountain bike powered by an AMT miniature gas turbine jet engine. It's exactly the kind of epic daily driver I need to navigate Manhattan traffic. Video, plus how it works, below.

Here's a close-up of the mechanicals:


The mountain bike's powered by a miniature gas turbine engineare made by a Dutch company called AMT Netherlands. They're purpose-built for the propulsion of radio-controlled flying aircraft, experimental aircraft development, sound studies and full size gliders — or for propelling a grown man down a field on a mountain bike.

The fuel source — a mix of JP-4 and Jet A1, along with 4.5% aeroshell 500 oil — helps give the engine 88.2 Lb/f of thrust at its max of 98,000 RPM. And all in a 6.6 lb body (not including the fuel tanks, which you see strapped between the crossbars of the bike.

Expensive to fuel? Sure. Awesome? Absolutely. Could you imagine this thing passing your car on 2nd Avenue at 9:00 AM? That'd wake your commutin' ass up better than a Super-Sized Frappamochalattechino! True, I might kill myself refueling it, but whatever, it'd be totally worth it.