Screenshot: Top Gear (YouTube)

Top Gear has a habit of making its hosts build cars that are objectively idiotic. But I’ll be damned if I don’t absolutely love the rat rod luxury sedan race cars that Chris Harris, Matt LeBlanc and Rory Reid are driving in a new episode.

As Harris explains in this walk-around video, the lads basically had the guidelines of buying once-illustrious European land yachts for approximately the price of a Dacia Sandero, which translates to just shy of $8,000 from British currency.


They ended up with a massively depreciated Mercedes, Bentley and Rolls-Royce in slightly varying degrees of crap condition and proceeded to cover them with stickers, strip the interiors and mount some cool wheels.

Screenshot: Top Gear (YouTube)

I mean no irony whatsoever when I say that all three of these cars look freaking awesome, in my humble opinion. Especially the Bentley, because I’m a sucker for green and numbers painted into grilles. Though Reid’s purple camo is a very creative and Harris’ Benz is a cool callback to actual old AMG race cars. Ugh, see what I mean? They’re all sweet!

Obviously I would have to be just a regular sucker to buy any of these cars and expects to be getting a good deal. As Harris points out in the video, any of these cars in their current condition would demand a Herculean effort in time and money to maintain. But I’m glad the Top Gear crew is taking on the onus, if briefly, for our entertainment.

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