I Think We've Found The Most Modified Chevy Colorado You'll Ever See

(Image Credits: DIYGarage/YouTube)
(Image Credits: DIYGarage/YouTube)
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Nope, it’s not a “Colorado-inspired” body kit wrapped around a space frame. Well, actually, it pretty much is at this point. But this seriously extreme off-road truck started life as a regular-ass crew cab Chevy Colorado.

I don’t know how I missed this when it came out, but I stumbled upon this badshit wide-wide-widebody Colorado looking at desert race prerunners and man, I’m sure glad I did. This build slideshow is enthralling and the finished product, I mean, holy crap.

I’m also really digging the “ColoRADo” badge. It’s... rad.

YouTuber DIY Garage says the truck was put together at the Roadster Shop in Mundelein, Illinois. I don’t think there’s much open desert between Chicago and Milwaukee, but whoever dreamed this thing up certainly had a vision.


Apparently, the thing now packs 22 inches of front suspension travel, 27 in the rear, and I’m guessing the builders ran of out measuring tape by the time it came to figure out the track width because damn. Let’s just say I don’t see this thing fitting in any drive-thrus.

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Desert trucks tend to be splayed out like that for high-speed stability through rough stuff, and the fact that a pickup truck generally lands a jump like a drunk guy getting pushed into a pool. This thing makes the factory Colorado ZR2 look like a damn Power Wheels toy, and did I mention it’s reportedly powered by a 730 horsepower LS7?

Here’s the full parts list, per DIY Garage:

  • 730hp Wegner Dry Sump LS7 with FAST intake
  • 4L80E trans
  • Currie Full floater rear with 9 inches
  • C&R Radiator
  • Full custom built Roadster Shop chassis and long travel suspension
  • 22-inch front, and 27-inch rear travel
  • J-arm style front and 4-link style rear
  • 4130 front arms, spindles and trailing arms
  • Fox 2.5-inch coilovers and 3.5-inch series bypass with 2.5 bumpstops
  • Ultra 103 rims with 37-inch BF Goodrich Baja T/A KR tires
  • Wilwood 6 piston front and rear brakes

I knew we’d see a seriously capable Colorado at some point. All it took was a complete and total repower, reframing and reconstruction to make the truck a serious desert race contender.


This thing is awesome, and so are the people who were brave enough to completely dissect a new Colorado in the name of science.

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Gaseous Clay

I love this, very much. The paint is a little weird for this, but it reminds me of the ‘90s minitruckin’ heyday so I’ll take it. Still waiting for the video to load, but I’m really hoping it has some shots of this doing its job (looking cool while off-roading) because I NEED TO SEE THOSE SUSPENSION COMPONENTS MOVE

edit: yep it opened with action shots. love love love this truck and that’s despite an extremely strong anti-GM bias