Time lapse video showing us driving into California, and then arriving in Anaheim. Sorry, no sound!

Pulling into the hotel in Anaheim, I was happy we had arrived in one piece. The marathon drive out west was complete.

The Show

We arrived at The Phoenix Club, the venue where Radwood 2 was being held, bright and early Saturday morning. My brother and I unloaded the 300ZX and CBR900RR from the trailer. Once unloaded, I parked the trailer in an adjacent parking lot and brought the Ram back over to the venue. Even the tow vehicle was being entered in the show!

My brother commandeered the 300ZX while I drove the Ram. We joined the line of vehicles that were staging to enter the show grounds. It was at this moment that I realized how well-organized this event truly was. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of planning required to pull off something like this.

The crowd began pouring in later that morning and the whole event took off. Everywhere you turned something super nostalgic was going on. The DJ-on-duty was cranking out tunes that set the retro atmosphere.

And then there were the cars. So many glorious, rad-as-hell cars. I didn’t end up taking a lot of photos, I wanted to be in the moment as much as possible. But I did get some.

The cars were incredible, but I think it was the people, the personalities, the clothing, and the common interests that really made it something special. Without all of this, it would have just been a neat car show. But it wasn’t just a car show, it was an ‘80s and ‘90s cultural review. Everyone in attendance was a participant—you can’t get a more immersive experience than that.

Trip Figures

Total Diesel Gallons Used: 300.21 gallons

Total Miles Traveled: 3,402.2 miles

Total Fuel Cost: $890.81

Average Towing MPG: 11.33 MPG

Trailer Rental Cost: $650.22 (early return discount applied)

Towing Supplies Cost: $267.87

Hotel Cost: $573.66

Food Cost: $149.01 (we took a lot of snacks with us)

Show Registration Cost: $54.74

Approximate Driving Time: 60 hours

Total Trip Cost: $2,586.31

It wasn’t an inexpensive trip by any means. But with as many moving parts as there were, that figure actually isn’t too bad. No more vacations for me for a while though! The trip back home to Kansas was fairly uneventful. My brother and I decided to spread the distance over three days this time, instead of two. Much better.

It was hard to leave California after such a brief visit, but I met so many awesome people at the show and I was able to finally put faces to names. I can’t wait to see how this event series continues to grow. There is an insatiable desire for ‘80s and ‘90s goodness in the automotive community, and the Radwood organizers are locked and loaded to deliver.

Now, you’ll have to excuse me while I go replace a wheel bearing on the Ram. The trip uncovered yet another weak link in this Clinton-era Chrysler product. But you know what? I’m alright with it, because that’s just what it costs to keep the ‘90s alive.