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This is the Pagani Zonda Revolución, shot recently lapping at Imola. It’s part of the tail end of the Zonda line, a never-ending series of last-run cars to mix Italian supercar style with a naturally-aspirated AMG V12. Listen to it. It’s hard to believe, still, after all these years, that this is a German engine.


Just the way that the thing yowls seems impossible for it to have roots in Mercedes of all companies. Mercedes engines bumble down the road. Chug as diesels, hush as modern V6s. Even when I think of a racing Merc engine, I’m thinking of a thundering V8. You don’t conceive of them as ever even having this potential locked in them.

And yet here it is. Six liters of scream.

Bless the Zonda, and bless Pagani for opening this thing up.


Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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