I Really Need To Try Bumper Cars On Ice

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I don’t really care for winter sports. Sorry. I dislike wearing so many layers that I can barely move, how slippery the ground is and the cold. But, man, I do very much want to try bumper cars on ice.


A few winters ago, I went to the Winterlude in Ottawa. It’s a big, annual winter festival in Ottawa where the canal freezes over and you can skate on it and have as many BeaverTails as you want. I strapped some skates to my feet and had an unhappy time on the canal because the ice was so rough and it was -20 degrees Fahrenheit (without the windchill).

Now, if we removed the skating from the canal and put these awesome bumper cars there instead, you would not be able to get me to go inside until the sun went down. You don’t even need to to go Canada: bumper cars on ice are in Providence, Rhode Island.

The city hopes that its new attraction will draw families to downtown Providence, reports the Providence Journal. And when the spring comes, wheels can be swapped on easily, so people can enjoy them all year long.


For $86,000, the city had 16 cars made by Ice Bumper Cars International, a company based in Colorado. Providence is the third city in America to have them. The publication notes that the cars alternate on the ice rink with the ice skaters and that tickets are $12 for 20 minutes.

This is brilliant! Skating is fun but it can be such a drag. You have a much farther distance to fall if you do and you’re not supposed to hit anyone. Here, it’s a free-for-all. What could go wrong?

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Organized bumper cars always just turns into a cluster of low speed bumping. I think they need to get a figure 8 course setup on the rink to really get things going.