I Put My Old Film Camera To Use Shooting America's Newest Race Cars At The Rolex 24

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Photo: Justin Westbrook (Jalopnik)

Last month, Porsche offered me a chance to drive the 2020 Porsche Taycan electric car from its U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia down to Daytona, Florida for the Rolex 24 race. To see these brand-new race cars, I took an old film camera and was surprised with the results.


This won’t be a shock to some of you regular readers, but a few people on the Jalopnik staff love to throw away what little money they have into old cars and old cameras. As I don’t quite make enough money to waste it on an old car yet, so my money goes straight into cameras.

Knowing I’d have a lovely weekend in Daytona and 24 hours of incredible racing to watch, I figured I’d take my favorite film camera—my olive-green Voigtlander Bessa R2—and my new 90mm lens, and try my hand at some motorsports photography.

I never know what to expect when shooting with film and I was surprised by the results. The highlight, of course, was capturing the new mid-engine Chevy Corvette C8.R in action. A true American poster race car, especially in yellow.

To read more about how I planned for the weekend and the process of shooting the race on film, head over to my favorite photography blog the Casual Photophile, where I wrote about the experience and where you’ll get to see all the pictures.

I’d love to talk about photography, car or otherwise! Let me know if you shoot and what you shoot, and feel free to share some of your favorite work in the comments below. I’ll be down there to let you know just how jealous I am of you.


Here are five of my favorites from the race:

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