If you’re like me and spend too much of your free time delving into the historical annals of Formula One races, you’ve probably realized how tough they can be to watch. Sometimes ambient race car noises and good battles are all you need—but how are you supposed to know who’s down a lap, which passes are for position?


Matt Amys on YouTube has had those same thoughts. The only difference is, he has the skills to impose modern F1 graphics on some of the most iconic moments of the sport’s history to show us how different the watching experience can be.

It’s an incredibly smooth and well-done video. The graphics feel so seamless that you almost don’t notice them—which is pretty damn neat.


A few folks—myself included—have noticed how confusing the three-letter driver tags are! I admit that 80s and 90s F1 is not my specialty (I am here for everything pre-1979), but I had one heck of a time trying to figure out who was who on the sidebar. You gotta wonder if new race fans today feel the same way looking at the current driver tags—or if we’re just so entrenched in the sport and hear all the drivers’ names so much that it’s easier to figure out who VAN is after a handful of races as opposed to a thirty second clip.

Either way, it’s pretty damn neat. F1 should hire this man to do this for all their old footage—I know I’d be down to watch.

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