I Love This Flappy Little Hillclimb Monster

Look at this little bike-engined hillclimb special, its hood flapping away in the wind. I cannot help but love it.


According to the YouTube uploader, this is not exactly a Citroën AX (a rather light little car in the first place) but rather a dedicated racing chassis with Citroën AX body panels on it:

Driven by Spanish Young Racing Driver Abel Fernandez, this 180Hp/620Kg Citroen AX is built by Outeda Racing and is a spaceframed, Rear Wheel Drive Hot hatch now powered by a Honda CBR1000RR engine in rear/mid position.

It is a somewhat common machine in Spanish Hillclimb, as what is called by the fans, a SuperCross car, designating a bike-engined, spaceframed Race Car using bodywork based on an actual Road Car.

For those with good memory, they might rememenr more Spanish Monsters that fit in this category we have featured on the past like the GSX-R1000 powered Opel Kadett City of Jonathan Portas or the ZX-12R powered Alpine A110 of Javicho Graña. This a type of machine that offer tremendous variety and proper Race Car dynamics and Speed while “wearing” Classic shapes that all fans appreciate.


Sure, uh, I guess. Sounds like a good idea. Really, it sounds wonderful.

All this is to say that the silly cars, the ones that shake and flap in the wind, are the good ones.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Scouting For Zen

The color scheme’s appropriate. It’s Eva Unit 01, and it’s going berserk.