I Let A Ferrari Mechanic Shave My Head With Ferrari Clippers

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Ferrari hasn't been forthcoming lately with the press cars for some reason, so we were delighted to get the chance to drive their latest model. Well, sort of. It's a set of hair clippers.

And who better to shave off my curly locks than a Ferrari mechanic?

Meet the Volare X1. Built by Babyliss Pro in Japan, it could be the single greatest hair clipper in the world. I mean, it could be. We know literally nothing about hair clippers. What we can tell you is that this red shaver has a real-deal Ferrari engine.


The tiny electric motor was designed in partnership with the Ferrari Challenge customer racing program, with enough power and torque "to win Babyliss the same phenomenal success that Ferrari enjoys on the race track."

With such an impressive product in our hands, we obviously needed to take it for a spin (buzz?). We weren't comfortable handling this powerful machine ourselves, so we needed someone with experience to act as our test driver.

That's when we contacted Dominick's European Car Repair in White Plains, New York, home to Santo and Frank Spadaro. They have more classic Italian cars come through their doors than I can count, and they were going to be perfect for the job of testing the Volare X1.

Except they were going to test it on my head. And they had no experience with cutting hair.


The head shaving itself went excellently. No one took off my ear or my eyebrows (stuff that doesn't grow back). The twist was that they wanted to shave a Ferrari shield into the back of my head. That was, well, less successful. I definitely looked like I had a piece of my brain removed.

Having seen the absolutely fantastic haircut even novices like Santo and Frank Spadaro can give, we are sure that you would like to order one of these Volare X1s yourself.

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For the bargain price (maybe?) of just $199.99 you can own this masterpiece. Order here! We don't know if that's cheap, but it's certainly the most affordable Ferrari engine you'll ever find.


FULL DISCLOSURE: Conair wanted us to test drive their latest model so badly they gave us a set of clippers to borrow. We provided the head.

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There better be a follow up post with the contents of that garage.