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I think the Ford Raptor, with its own name scribbled all over it in screaming font and its massiveness and its 450 horsepower and its long-travel shocks, is profoundly silly. I mean, I get its appeal in, like, an off-road sense. But I couldn’t imagine that anyone would need more than that—let alone for over $100,000. But that was because I forgot that we live in America and that Shelby exists.


Shelby decided that the standard Raptor, which as 450 HP and 510 lb-ft of torque, wasn’t enough. It kicked things up to 525 HP and 610 lb-ft of torque, which left me screaming into the wind whyyyy?

Why does anyone need a 500-HP truck? How much speed do we need to carry across the sand?

There’s also a new two-stage shock system, bigger wheels and tires (ugh, thank god, the original ones were too puny), an improved interior and “handsome exterior elements,” touts the press release.


Shelby will only make 500 of these Hulk trucks and they’ll cost roughly $117,460, which includes the price of the truck. The release notes that those with a 2017 Raptor can also opt to send it to Shelby for a dealer conversion, which will cost $49,295.

Fine. Good. Buy the truck. Nothing screams freedom more.

And if you do actually buy it, please comment below with how many Shelby badges Shelby managed to sneak aboard.


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